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Startup is an entity incorporated or registers in India.

It is working towards innovation, development, or commercialization of products/ service/ processes driven by technology or IPRs and patent.

Basically, a startup is a venture which runes on a unique idea and solves real-life’s problems.

Difference Between Startup And Entrepreneurship

Difference Between Startup And Entrepreneurship

Are startups and small business the same? people often think they are. But, In reality though, they are quite different.

Startup solves the existing problem with modern solution.

While they have some similarities, they are not the same thing at all.

Luckily, it is easy to tell them apart.

First, let’s look at all business. Most likely, you know what one is.



A small business is a locally owned business that has a small number of employees, a relatively low cost and income, and no plans to become a corporation.

In business they do business in their own traditional style and earn profit.

Many of them operate as sole traders and put off or not follow through with forming a company.

These low risk, low reward businesses tend to remain the same for years.

Very seldom do these types of businesses grow into something bigger.

Their motivation is money, popularity, and success, and they go for it.

The fundamental difference between startup and small business is in their mindset.



Startups are more about gaining ground and becoming a big hit, something that can have a very big success but also can fail easily.

Startup are about the ambition, level of dedication, dream and threshold.

It’s when you desperately refuse to stay small.

Startup are born to be big or die.

Startup want to change the world. business are fine being small, stable and profitable.

Major difference between Businessman and Entrepreneur

Here i will differentiate the qualities of the businessman and entrepreneur.

Start a business from an existing idea.start a business from a unique and innovative idea.
They are traditional and They follow trends and he is a “boss”Entrepreneurs are revolutionary and they create trends. and he is the “leader”.
Businessmen are fewer risk-takers.and they are profit-oriented.High-risk takers. and they are customer-oriented.
Hire people to increase business productivity.Hire people to give them productivity.
They are strong influencers and market players.they are strong networkers and leaders.
Businessmen are investing their time in buying and selling products.They are investing their time in improving and modifying products.
Always look at the Quantity side.Always look on the Quality side.
They have high competition. and a holistic approach and They look at the features of the product.They have low competition and an Atomistic approach and They look at the benefits of the product.
Define success as the success of their business in profits, stakeholders, and community.they Don’t define success, they simply do his job and let history define success.
Busy on his business- “busy-Ness”Focusing on building a new enterprise.

Characteristics Of a Company

  • Incorporated association
  • A legal entity is distinct from its members.
  • Artificial person
  • Limited liability
  • Separate property
  • Transferability of shares
  • Perpetual succession
  • Common seal
  • Control

1. Incorporated association,

A company must be incorporated or registered under the company’s act

Let me tell you, Minimum seven members are required in case of a public company and 2 in case of a private company.

However, according to the section 3 of the companies act 2013 allows formation of one person company as well.

2. A legal entity is distinct from its members,

from the day of its incorporation, a company acquires an identity distinct ( in the eyes of LAW) from the person who constitutes it.

It assets and liabilities are separate from those of its owners.

A company even enjoy fundamentals rights similar to the natural person.

consequently, if a fundamental right of a company is infringed, it is the company and not shareholders which can challenge infringement.

3. Artificial person,

a company is a creation of law and exists( only in the eyes of law) independent of its members.

Like natural person, a company can own property, incur debts, borrow money, enter into contracts, sure and be sued.

A company is not a citizen.

4. Limited liability,

The liability of members is limited up-to the extent of:

  • The amount unpaid on the share held by them in case of company limited by shares.
  • Guarantee given by them ( each member) in case of company limited by guarantee.
  • Aggregates of amount unpaid on the share held by a member and the shares held by a member and the amount guaranteed by him in case of company limited by guarantee and having capital.

The liability of members is unlimited in case of unlimited company.

a company may become a partner in a partnership firm only if the MOA there of specifically allows it.

5. Separate property,

A company can own and enjoy property in his own name.

The property of the company is not the property of the shareholders. it is propert of the company.

Members have no insurable interest in the property of the company.

6. Transferability of shares,

Shares are movable property.

as per section 4, shares are transferable in the manner provided in articles (AOA).

The right to transfer the shares is restricted ( but not absolutely) in a privet company.

in a public company, the share are freely transferable.

7. Perpetual succession

A company being a creation of law, can be liquidated only as per the provision of law.

existence of a company is not affected by the death, retirement, resignation, insolvency or insanity of its members as it has a separate entity from its members.

A company will continue to exist even if all the members die.

8. Common seal

A company being an artificial person is not a body like natural person.

common seal is the official signature of the company.

use of conman seal has been made optional.

9. Control

The management and control of the affairs of the company is undertaken by the board of directors.

Which appoints the top managment officials for running business.

The directors hold a position of immense significance as they are directly accountable to the shareholders for the working of the company.

However, the shareholders do not have the right to be involved in the day-to-day running business.

Business Ideas to Make Money with zero investment.

Business Ideas to Make Money with zero investment

Who said that starting a business with no money was easy? But is it impossible?

here, i will tell you 4 business ideas that one can start with almost zero investment.

how to earn money with zero investment. I am here to give you some strategies on how you can make that happen.

Strategy is what you require to be successful.

And you have to understand that you can make it big. Without funding, without having a business experience, without having a mentor and without even having a support.

you can actually get big things in your life.

If you belonging to a small city or if you are belonging to a large city.

you have ample resources or you have meager resources all that not matter, what actually matters is how you can actually do it.

And now, let me tell you

the 4 business you can start.

4 business you can start

and that can generate a lot of revenue for you.

All of you, you do have a smartphone right?

you might be making a lot of videos from that smartphone, and you understand that in today’s time videos is the king.

Video content gets viral the most, video content is consumed the most.

And you can produce video content by just pressing a button.

Now, what you have to do is think about your city, your city must have a lot of gyms, saloons a lot of restaurants.

All of that require a video so that people can get to know about them.

But ironically, they don’t know how to produce video.

you have to go to them, tell them i will make a video for you.

Now, the doubt is, they don’t know you.

Why would they give you permission to make a video. if this plan will not work then apply another strategy.

All you have to do is you have to make a videos for 2 or 3 top restaurants or top gym from your city.

Then go to them and showed them your videos.and tell them either you can take this video for yourself or i can give it to another brand.

and remember don’t charge for that.

you have to reach out to as many people as you can, so you can create more opportunities more yourself.

Remember this line, “opportunities are the gift of god.

But, These are meant only for those people who grab those opportunities and you got to do exactly the same.

As soon as you get your first 3 clients.

Then you will automatically start getting paid clients.

And this is something that has been tried and tested, and believe me,

Second business plan

Second business plan

The second thing that you should do is Zero investment.

The thing which can help you make a business.

That is known as social media marketing agency.

You all have the speed with which social media is growing.

even restaurants knows this even every business knows this.

But they don’t know the way to build their presence on social media.

and you know everything you know to post on Facebook, Instagram,LinkedIn, twitter.use hashtags.

traffic will start coming in and those business will start getting brand awareness.

So, what you got to do is,

Click photographs, creat contain, go to brands.

Again, do it free of cost in the beginning for the brand.

And believe me, it is going to be absolutely amazing and stunning.

Now, strategies tried and tested that we have done.

Let me give you the third strategy

3rd business plan

This is a little bit interesting as well.

A lot of you might have used uber, you will be amazed to know that uber doesn’t have a car that belongs to them.

They have outsourced everything they made a platform.

Drivers go to that panel, they give information about themselves.

They sign up and they start potting business.

You have to do something like this.

There is a concept of website building,

Another is making graphical content.

You don’t need money to start these things.

They have a free tool for website building called word-press.

And for animations, there is a tool called canva.

Which you can use Go there and produce content for a brand.

I will tell you another simple thing, If you think this is very technical,

Let me give you one more strategy.

Go to internshala. hire some interns. tell them that this is what i want.

You become the spokesperson and bring in business for yourself.

And when you bring in business, other will produce content for you.

You have to manage it.

That is what a business is all about, right?

So, you will start getting money for yourself and this is how you can relate with UBER.

Fourth strategy

Fourth business plan

This is very interesting.

Lot of you , who browse through Instagram.

And there are some Men who check out profiles of beautiful woman.

and a woman who browse through photos of handsome men.

But you can use it for a greater purpose as well.

Each of you must be good at something or other.

you might be good at cooking, or dancing, or maybe public speaking or may be you are a sleep lover

you might be good at at least something in life.

now, what you got to do is on your Instagram page.

starting putting in more content on whatever you are good at.

And slowly, steadily and eventually, create a following for yourself.

This is Known as to become an Instagram influence.

Please understand it does not require money it only requires consistency.


1.What is considered a startup company?

A new innovation idea under 5year is consider as a startup according to government.

2. Who can start a startup?

Anyone can start but with leadership skill and business knowledge person can easily run startup successful

3. Why do most startups fail?

Most startup fails due to many reason i write a blog you can read them

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