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So, the bigger vision you have the more important it is for you on what type of a team you are going to put around you. simple as that.

And i think one of the challenges with people when it is about putting a team around them,

They want to be something they are not.

So it;s everybody wants to be the Dan Lok, Grant Cardone,Gary Vaynerchuk instead of realizing what your strength is.

I am going to tell about that a little bit today.

I am going to talk about 10 different roles, strength and departments within a company.

So as you are reading at this everybody that’s reading at this,

You may be at a different position in your life.

You may be a sales person, you may be an entrepreneur that’s just getting started, maybe a mid-size business.

That you may look at this and say that this is where we lack

Or maybe somebody that is an executive and an owner part of a company

That is saying this is what area i am very good at and i need to reposition myself here.

Regardless of where you are at, this is how i want to look at this here.

And as i go through this,

I need you to ask yourself, which one is me. where i gonna fit in this 10 designation.

10 Different Roles Within A Company

Different Roles Within A Company

1.Business development

Business development

So, lets started from Business development.

First you have Business development, someone who’s doing Business development for the company.

What is Business development?

In the world of politics, if you are running a country,

An ambassador that is a India ambassador .

That deals with relations in the middle east- Hypothetically.

The Business development person is doing the dirty work,

Very very important role.

But they do the dirty work.

So, you need to go out there and sit and talk.

To the political powers, the senators, the congressman, the president of the country.

And ask them.

They are going to say,” we really don’t like your president. that he announced this,this,

Or we really don’t like how this partnership or relationship’s going.

We don’t like how you are doing this.”

That is Business development.

And the ambassador is supposed to create a synergy of them still wanting to do business together.

And bringing the relationship that possibly was sour,

Rekindle, this is strengthen, this is Rebuild, this is a lot of re, re, re – that is Business development, okay?



Next, we can go into the visionary.

The Visionary is what a lot of people want to become Visionaries but not everybody is a Visionary.

Let me explain to you what i mean by not everybody is a Visionary.

If you ask in basketball, everybody wants to be like Mike.

Modern day, Everybody wanted to be a Kobe.

Or everybody wants to be a Lebron James.

But maybe you are steve Kerr, you know?

Maybe you are somebody that’s a, Steph curry.

Or Maybe you are Somebody that’s just a role player.

And Maybe you are a sixth man.

Maybe you are a big guy that don’t have good footwork.

But you are somebody that the other centers get good on working with you.

Because you are stronger, you are pushing them and bullying them.

You are strengthening them.

Maybe you are somebody that’s good at playing with guys and doing their legs and taping and all this other stuff.

So, what is the role you are playing.

A Visionary would generally be called the CEO.

Now, sometime, some companies make the mistake of just because somebody’s title is CEO,

It doesn’t mean they are a Visionary.

Sometime companies make a mistake and they hire a operations person

Who becomes a CEO?

Who becomes a CEO

And what this guy Who’s an operations internally but is the CEO, all he’s trying to do is make all the system perfect.

And they are wondering how come the company’s not exploding.

Because you are not a CEO. you are operations.

You are a COO, not a CEO.

You are not a face.

And You are not someone that’s going to say,” we are going to go and take over this market”

Let me give you a good example of CEO.

There is one butcher his Name Roberto Goizueta.

This guy is a fascinating guy to study.

He is a Cuban immigrant, went to Yale.

Just so you know this, he used to make $500 a month as a Chemical engineer,

Then he come to America and somehow, Some way,

After being an immigrant from Cuba,

He become the CEO of coca cola

And he goes from making $500 a month

To getting AN $83 million bonus check when he worked at coca cola.

So why is this?

Why did this happen?

Well, for the lngest time,

Coca cola dominated the market place.

For the longest time.


In the early 80s, Pepsi started coming close to the point

Where Pepsi got 23% of the market share

And Coca cola only had 22%.

Now, Roberto gets hired in 1981. I believe,

And his number i just gave you 23% to 22% Pepsi over coke.

Pepsi Moved past coke, first time ever.

They passed coke, Roberto comes in.

And here’s what he asked,(Look at the way he think.)

He says, “well, i want to know this. the average human being, how much do they drink a day?

And they said, Roberto, this is how much we are selling right now, bottles of coke.

He said no,no,no I am asking you how much do they consume of drinks per day.

What are you talking about?

Listen, how much does a person drink- water, milk, tea, juice, ice-tea, coke- i want to know everything,

How much does a person drink?

They are like, Oh my god, where is this guy going with this thing here?

Here’s how they drink.

Then he said, that’s exactly what we need to do.

I want a bigger market share of how much somebody consumers of drinks.Look what happen then.

So, what does he come out with?

Most of us only know about coca cola, diet coke, coke zero, etc. right?

Minute maid is a coke product.

Fanta is a coke product,

Dasani water is a coke products,

Nestea is a coke product,

Bicardi mixers is a coke product.

And even flavored milks, root beer, bottled juice, zico coconut water are the coke products.

And many more like Powerade, his simple orange his, HI-C, his

You know What ends up happening with coca cola?

Coca-cola goes from the top of numbers that we are putting up

Which in 1981 was 4.3 Billion dollars per year to 152 billion dollars per year.

They are Today selling two billions coca cola bottles per day.

Now, what did that happen?

It happened because coca cola went and hired a visionary.

Not because they got an operations guy- they hired a Visionary.

And the Visionary said, we need to get more of this.

So are you a CEO type yourself?

Which in 1981 was 4.3 Billion dollars per year to 152 billion dollars per year.

They are Today selling two billions coca cola bottles per day.

Now, what did that happen?

It happened because coca cola went and hired a visionary.

Not because they got an operations guy- they hired a Visionary.

And the Visionary said, we need to get more of this.

So are you a CEO type yourself?

They could motivate you, but maybe you are not the Visionary type,

And that is fine.


What is Operations?

The system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), flow, how long does it take for the person that looks at your website to buy the product

To converting to being a be back customer, what can we make to get these customers that we have.

We have 60,000 customers to help us.

Get 60,000 customers because we are so good on the front end,

We are not doing good on this side here.

What Customer relationship management Do we need?

How can we get the calendars to be better hiring new people.

We need more staff here.This thing’s not working out, this vendor.

We need a person here, we need to fire this person, we need to renegotiate this here,

…….That is operations.

operations are thinking like that.

operations Will come in and say,’ i can make the operations of this better.’

So, critical, may be boring to some, it’s so critical for the company.

So that would be a CEO.


Finance is quick-book, payroll, commissions, vendor checks, attrneys, making sure attorneys.

You are negotiating the contracts with the attorneys the right way.

Certified public accountant CPA, accounting, the team, assistanr analyst,

All these things that you are going to have to do when you are running Finance.

By the way, when you are a rookie entrepreneur, guess what you are?

Everyone of them is what you are, okay?

So, then you have the chief Finance officer side (CEO).


Then you have Expansion.

Who is Expansion?

Somebody that says, you know, we need to go to a brand new marketplace.

So, Expansion thinks about building a team together.

For us to go to a new market.

This could be a Chief Expansion officer

There’s actually a a chief expansion officer

It sounds like a CEO it’s chief Expansion officer.

And they are job is simply,’hey, we are not on the east coast, we want to go into the balance of payment.’

‘Hey, we are not in south america, what do we need to do?’………for you it may be local.

Like somebody came and visited me when i was in palm springs.

He drove all the way down to come and visit me and he run a mobile detailing company.

Which i am very familiar with the phone detailing company.

and nowadays it’s getting to the app side, there is a lot of opportunities to that as well,

Similar to UBER that you just order something and somebody come and services your car, right?

And there’s high end,$10, like right now,

Literally Somebody comes, does it, you don’t even see it, it gets done

They pick it up, they clean. right?

Okay, So he come to me and he said, what do i do?

So he is in Diego, and how does he get onto maybe a temecula market?

How does he get into riverside?

How does he get into L.A?

The expansion for that person may be within that area.

Somebody can put a strategy in how to do that.


Marketing is just very, very critical.

This could be a CMO chief marketing officer. 

Marketing could be when a customer thinks about our company,

What is the first word that comes to mind?

What do our employees think about our company? And what do our customers? What does the market? and What do our competitors?

What does our enemy, think about us?

How do we went to market our product?

Which funnels are we using? Is it more about social media?

Is it more about internet? should we go on T.V?

What is our ROI (Return on investment on) T.V?

Are we really doing this because we want people to look at our commercial and come and buy?

They don’t really do it for that,

But maybe it’s effective,

If we spend this 3.5 million Dollars to put a commercial on super bowl

Because our competitors are going to see that.

We are doing better or, you know,

may be our existing customers are going to say,”wow i am so glade that’s my guy, that’s my guy

They could motivate you, but maybe you are not the Visionary type,

And that is fine.

positions in a startup

Now, next is Legal, what is Legal?

In every industry there’s compliance.

There’s laws, there’s you know, marking sure you are compliant with regulator.

Or whatever with the financial industry it’s FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority),

It’s SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) you now,

All these other things that you are dealing with on that side.

Ans real estate it’s going to be department of real estate, the department of insurance.

It doesn’t matter what’s you are doing.

Technology is going to be a whole different law – anything, there is legal.

So you have got to make sure you have a strong legal team.

Sometimes the A-type personality, don’t like to touch this because it’s, we don’t need any help with this.

Why would we worry about compliance?

No one cares about compliance, Big mistake.

Because you need the contracting to be right….

I spend a lot of money in that area,

And i have no problem with it because it’s very very critical,

To stay compliant with your business.

But you may be watching this and saying, that’s me.

I love those types of things.


Now, what is Information?

Someone that’s very good at research, someone that’s very good at studying competition,

Somebody that’s very good at studying trends and keeping track of updating and saying.

Just so you know, today in the market….AIG American International Group, CEO chief executive officer was called out….

And this is what happened With him and they said this,

And did you hear about what happened today in the silicon vally marketplace,

A new startup was raised 200 million dollars on their round three and their going after this

And after this and did you hear about the Fintech market, whatever.

Information guys are going to give you what is going on today.

And this is beneficial because this helps the visionary know to go to the next level.

This help to marketer Know what adjustment to make,

This helps the expansion person know What marketplaces we need to go,

And expand and what not to wast our money and resources into.

This helps finance know how to adjust,

Hey, this is what’s going on over the next 6 to 12 months,

We should be experiencing this or we should be experiencing that.

That’s information,so CIO ( chief information officer).

9.Product Development

positions in a startup

Then you have product development and product development is what?

Product Development is somebody that says, I’am designing a product.

Typically, product development are wired in a completely different way.

A product development person could say,

we need to come out with a mortgage product today,

That is going to make the regulators happy

Because the regulators are very concerned about not having a negative am product.

That’s a payment or negative amortization, that’s not going to effect this,

So, to come out with this, but to make the cost low.

Why don’t we get rid of this?

Great, They work in a completely different way.

Very important for product development to be in communication with the rest of the guys.

Regularly in the insurance agency i get calls and i sit on several different boards,

That They will call me and they’ll say,

“What do you think the insurance, financial industry needs to look at right now,

next as a product? And we’ll have a long conversation about areas

That i believe they need to completely change and revolutionize

Because the insurance industry needs a lot of disruption right now.


positions in a startup

Now next is Sales,

By the way, nothing happens without sales.

Just so you know this. So, a lot of times, we put so much attention into everything else.

So much attention, every position is very important.

That you forget to put constant emphasis here (Sales).

If you look at companies that go through this,

They start going through a downfall, you will see, almost every single time.

If it goes through this, 80% of the time, you can go and point it to sales, why?

A great sales manager is no longer there.

A chairman of agency who was running the entire sales department has gotten too casual

Because his bonuses are so easy

Now that he knows he’s going to hit the bonus within four mounts,

And he’s golfing four months out of the year.

You have got to make some changes to the bonus structure, right?

So, you have a person that is barely working and you know nothing about it.

Because everything is based on no schedule,

So, you think he is working but he is not.

And you need to make an adjustment and go partner with

Because you need to make sure that the guys are logging in every single day,

What appointment they run, and who was the person with and put a number there

And you need to run a minimum of this many appointments,

you need to spend this much money,

And you cannot spend more than this at a bar and … track that.

You may be somebody reading this and saying,

I am salesperson, i am a great sales trainer, i am a great person that can build an army.

And here’s the weird thing.

Do you want to know something?

sales typically more money than every one of these guys.

Just so you know this.These guys typically make the most money.

I know this sound strange.

They definitely make more money than these guys (finance through product development).

They make generally the most money,

Because if these guys are not getting paid, what’s the motivation behind.The company’s done.

You think coca cola survive without their guys that are going out here selling coca cola to the local?

No, it’s a done deal. So,

sales is very, very critical.

You have got to look at this and yo may say,”Pat, you know what, i’am very good with people.”

I can pretty much go in a room and strike up a conversation with anybody and get information.

And talk to people and they will tell me anything and i am a chameleon.


positions in a startup

Okay , so regardless of what you are, you have got to really take an assessment of yourself.

And ask, what is my strength, top three, what is my dominate one that i am? for yourself.

And what can i do to become better at that by studying other who have done those areas.

Now, the complete opposite side, if you are running a company,

You have got to as, who is who? like what an lacking?

Generally as a startup, you are going to wear seven different hats.

When you get started, you may be the visionary,

The Business Development, the sales, the operations, the finance, the expansion, all of these.

And you may have an attorney that you put on retainer that you have hired,

But they are helping you and you give them $10,000 as a retainer and everything else for you.

You are chief information officer is a guy named google.

You know, that is what you do. you are googling to find out what it is, right?

So it doesn’t matter what it is.

Eventually if you want to complete at the higher market

And if you want to get the bigger shares OF Whatever industry you are part of,

You need all of these 10 different guys on your team

And you need to know which role you play the best and become the best you can

within that area while knowing how all the other people are wired as well.

So hopefully today you may say, “pat, so what was really the outcome of this blog?”

To kind of know what each person does and to kind of know what is needed to build a strong team, strong foundation.

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