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I would tell you a lot of things that a businessman, everyone should know how to manage the full team.

So in this blog you are going to learn about:

1. What does human resource planning mean?

Okay so human resource management, by name only it is clear human resource.

Human resource mean the people who work in your company.

Every level person, we call them human resource.

How do we manage them that comes under human resource management.

Under this three different parts comes, and they are-

  • Recruitment
  • Removing
  • Training
Recruitment Removing  Training

Okay, so one is recruitment, means if i want a person in my company for a specific skill,

For a particular work, so hiring come under this.

Now that person, if i don’t like and want to remove him, would comes under this.

And along with that training would come. I have hired a person

And he is to be given advanced training so that he can move forward in the career.

So, first of all, i will give the assignment after that we will move forward.

The first assignment is that, you have to make a full organizational structure on a chart paper.

Full organizational structure means, on top, i would stay below that,

These much people would stay and below them, these much people would stay.

So, After that, whatever number of people are there, you have to write a job description for them

And their skill that means, the people we are talking about,

What all skills should they possess and what all work they would do.

2. Office Culture.

Office Culture

Now let’s talk about Office culture,it is also looked after human resource.

That too as a human resource manager we have to look after it.

Now what does he look after, what does office culture means?

In the office, people would come in a t-shirt/ suits/ shirts how they can interact?

At many places, you would have seen this in companies,

You cannot access Facebook, you cannot access.

Many companies have put limitations in this.

So, this is also a part of office culture.

If i talk about google, you would find food under a specific range.

So, this is their belief that for their employees there should be a provision of food.

They should be able to eat whenever they feel hungry.

Now next, we are talk about a very important point and that is .

3. Succession planning.

Succession planning

You are a CEO, owner of the does not mean you would stay the owner for a lifetime.

Someone will defiantly replace you in future, that could be your child,

Or, some of your teammate who is powerful , means he has the complete skill set.

If i talk about myself, if i do some X-Y-Z work in my company, that takes a lot of my time.

Now, i hire an employee that knows that work a little bit,

So, i started training him from the beginning,

I put him under me for 12 months to train,

In starting, show him myself how to do a particular,after that

I tell him told o it himself and see if he is doing it right or not.

If he starts it right himself, i monitor him after a week, then in a month.

Then, if i realize he completely trained then i leave him with the responsibility.

Now, that person has learned that skill so you do not have to make an effort for that.

So, nowhere as a CEO, i can be replaced and i can concentrate

On much bigger things.

Now, i will tell you the true thinking of smaller companies,

The person who is the CEO, the owner thinks, i will do all the work myself,

Be it, account, finance, sales and even purchase operations and productions and what not.

4. Let me tell you this is not possible.

not possible

In the starting, in the startup ,your company is not that huge, then it is totally fine.

Because there is not much load, you can manage but,

Gradually your company grows, you have to hire team members.

And you would be required to nurture a particular department individually,

So, that your company remains stable.

When a huge house is built you are required to make pillars right?

So, if your company is building huge you have to give pillars.

So, your employees who would be there in the starting or leaders from different verticals.

They are your foundation.

5. Human Resource roles

human Business

Here, i am talking about bigger companies.

Human resource plays a better roles in bigger companies.

In startup, there is work of recruitment and firing,

But the bigger companies concentrate on other things as well.

As a bigger organization, you have to divide entire team into levels.

6. Now, what are these levels?

Here, i will divide the levels into 6 parts.

  1. level,

    a person who just joined the company,
    He has only one level and does not know much,
    He would only follow his manager’s orders.
    And he does not have any authority.

  2. level,

    A person can be given some research-based work as well.
    They do work such as researching the best for the companies.
    Like if I want to make a video for youtube then,
    It’s level 2 work that they reachers the topic and
    The good and effective contains for the video.

  3. level

    A person can research and give suggestions.
    I am talking about startup here,
    So, a person of level 2 can suggest something,
    After completing his research and tell you can do this or that.

  4. level

    level 4 person can start this work on his own.
    He can do something according to what he feels,
    without taking permission from you.

  5. level

    5th level person can do something on his own,
    He can execute some tasks.
    Like, suppose in my team,
    I ordered someone to deal with clients and handle the calls.
    He can pitch to the clients but the money aspect,
    won’t be shared by him as he doesn’t have that access.
    If he needs that access, he has to talk to me and ask about the pricing and then tell further to the potential client.

  6. level

    Level 6 has all the authority, whatever power i have,level 6 have the same.
    He can pitch, call and basically so everything.

7. Recruitment


Recruitment is very difficult for startups.

There are people who have done courses from great places

But they don’t able to do a single things.

If in your company, you need a person you can keep him on a trail basis.

Tell him that for this week, we are keeping you on a trail basis,

If we would like your work, we will hire you permanently.

Otherwise, after this week, we will fire you.

so, tel them This week would be just a trial period.

And if you want to hire a good employee but you don’t have enough money for that so check this one, this will definitely gonna help you. How to hire an employee.

See, there are many profiles where the personality of the person matters.

If i talk about video editor, however he looks like, it doesn’t make any difference to me,

but, most of the times some profile are such where

Appearance, way of speaking, face, how the person has groomed matters.

So, if i am hiring a salesperson, then i would focus on all these things nothing else.

So, in your case, if you are hiring for such profile,

you have to look for such things.Most of the time the business analyst you keep in your company.

When we would hire for upper levels like 5 and 6.

Then i would see his problem- solving skills, his common sense,

How fast his brain works? your reasoning skills,

How good you are in quants,

Comment down below.

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