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In this blog we are going to talk each and everything about Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is a booking industry and it is the most appropriate time for you.

So we will going to discusses all necessary point of digital marketing

1. What is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Basically Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing.

Lets, suppose you want do your product Marketing. Then how you will do that?

You can do marketing through TV advertisement, newspaper, also you can use billboard or in a website advertisement

and there are many ways through which you can promote your product, like affiliate marketing.

So whenever you choose a channel digitally for marketing, then that is known as Digital Marketing.

Now, what is digital channel?

Digital channel means YouTube ads, website promotion,

So basically you can track people as how much of them are watching, which all Target group are watching you.

Which need you are able to fill and which not, percent of conversion is coming , how much of people are liking your content

And how much your market is just a wast of time. and with you can change fastly.

For example, i put a board in expensive location and the costing comes is 2-3 lakhs per month.

And after few days you realized i invested in a wrong place.

And now you can’t do anything and you have to pay for that,

Infect you need to be there for 6 months, becouse you made a contract with them,

But in digital marketing there is nothing like that, you can experiment your market properly without investing much.

Like you can ran a advertisement for two days and see if conversion is coming,

Then you can proceed further or try something else and by this you will be able to have a solid market plan.

There is one more advantage of digital marketing and that is,

Normally you put on a bill board and design a pamphlet and you don’t know who one is receiving the pamphlets.

In traditional marketing there used to be a huge reach, but you don’t know,

If your target audience is receiving or not and how much you are getting a conversion by doing this.

And your marketing plan is getting successful or not, you can’t track your progress,

But in digital marketing you can track , suppose i had ran advertisement on google adword,

Google adword means all the google partners, you see advertisement in YouTube, beside the video and before the video.

You see advertisement on website, in google search engine, all these are google adword parts.

One of the interesting thing about google adword is whenever you execute a marketing campaign

then it will ask you about your target audience, which website they want to land, there age group, there likes,

There gander and many more feature.

2. The reality of a career in Digital Marketing.

The reality of a career in Digital Marketing.
  1. Job opportunities
  2. growth and salary
  3. Language
  4. Qualification
  5. Career Switch

1. Job opportunities.

Job opportunities

Most of the people have doubt that is any job opportunities are there or not?

See, think logically, there are surplus business that are in unorganized sector.

There are many businessmen who have lot of money, Family business, we can say.

Now their next directions is joining the family business. so if next generation is coming to join the family business

But will they like the old way of doing business? they need modern ways/ modern office like they do want to make websites

And They may need to run social media campaign every kid wants, if he is taking care of his father business.

They do have the vision to take it to the next level. right?

In the coming time digital marketing will be the new marketing.

So if they have a big vision, they have to use digital platform for that right?

And if you start you own business.and if you collaborate with other business, you can get job opportunities too.

2.Growth and Salary.

Growth and salary

If we are talking about growth, if you have skill you will definitely grow,

you will keep on learning something new because there are so many businesses and there are lots of things for learning.

and if we are talking about salary, which is the most common question.

To be honest Don’t expect large package being a fresher in a new industry.

In any profession not just about Digital Marketing. fresher don’t get good package in the beginning.

Let’s say salary start from from 10,000 to 25,000.

Only 10-15K as a fresher. if he has a MBA degree or if he has some experience and after this if he learns digital marketing.

Then there Chances are high that he may get a good job.

Think logically okay, in starting, you are a rookie with no experience , so the starting salary is to training.

They will guide you and will give you salary too.that is why salary is comparatively low.

Look for a job in companies, even if they give you less money. make sure work load is high in that company

So that you can learn things. After some years of experience. you may get good salary package.

If you have a mindset of a learner.i am not saying it will may be.

Let’s say you went to a place. after taking coaching from digital marketing institute.

Their you are SEO expert okay? And the backend work is creating black-links for your website.

So they ask you to create back-links. for 6-7 months, you just created back-links.nothing else.

If you switch to some other company. then what will you say?

What will you add in your profile, previous experience? that you created back links. right?

Do you think in order to create back-links, they need an employee? because that is a monotonous work.

They need an employee who can think creatively. who can work in different department.

so that is why if you work on your skills, after a year you can get 25-30k too. and after five years you will earn in lakhs.

3. Language.


Now, the next question is Language. people think English is mandatory to learn digital marketing.

Think logically, if you want to work in a big company.where they have international clients.

Now can you talk to them in Hindi? No right?You have to speak in English.

Or if they have more branches. and they are operating in India in present. so they think about this in long term

That if they train an employee, he/ she can transferred to other place too. so you can train other client too.

If company vision is like this you should know English. But if you are thinking.

That i want to work in India only. see, English is not that big deal. it is not tough.

You should know English to a level where you can understand , you can read and write your content



See if you want to do your business or want to build your own agency.

Then qualification doesn’t matter,but if you are thinking of doing job.

like hardcore job, so atleast graduation is must.

10th pass don’t get jobs. obviously if you are in 10th first think in you is childishness.

why would they hire you?

If they do, it will be a low salary package.

that this person is young, raw we will train him. in future it will be beneficial for us.

But roughly let’s say your qualification should be atleast graduation.

Reason behind it, competition is very high. every colony has digital marketing institute.

People are becoming digital marketers.

Now, your skills are not visible right? everybody has skills.

Some people show their portfolio. that works fine .

But mostly people say that, they have a good knowledge in SEO or social marketing

Now, think logically here there are many people here, right.

You and other people are saying the same thing.

so the recruiter will ire whom? that why they create a criteria to shortlist people from them.

That people should be atleast graduated.

If he is a graduate, his mental state will be developed and is less childish.

That why people ask for experience. because they have professionalism.

5.Career Switch.

Career Switch

Firstly lets talk about Career switch, most of people having doubt that they want to be a digital marketer.

There question are will it be worth it?

See if you are working as a marketing head of the company

And you learn digital marketing obviously that person will grow. right?

If you are the operation head and you learn digital marketing .

There are high chances that you may get good pay scale.

But if you are working in finance department and you are learning marketing,

Then chances are that you need to switch your career.

It is possible that your salary may get decreased.But,

When you are at a high have many networks.and you are professional.

Then when you acquire digital marketing skills then you mix your experience with digital marketing.

And you can grow fats. right? so i personally suggested that

Only that people should switch or make career in digital marketing,

Who are passionate about it. or that person who should be connected to marketing.

3. Conclusion.


Digital Marketing has become a future-oriented industry.

As a matter of fact, the Internet has been a big part of everyone’s life.

Today, we spend a large part of our day on the internet.

Whatever we see all around, everything is going online

from shopping apparel, cab booking, movie ticket, money transfer, and many more.

It is a high time to switch your career in this promising industry.

I can not guarantee that you will make money from this.

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