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I want to inspire people… I want someone to look at me and say ”BECAUSE, OF YOU, I DIDN’T GIVE UP.”

Today I am going to share about business mindset.

How I create my business from scratch and

how I will make my first 1000 dollar!

I will be transparent about each step in deep and show you how can you apply This thing in your business,

I focus on my online business,

but you can apply thing on you regular business, the concept is same for business.

So, What we will cover in this blog:

1.What is actually business is?

what is actually business is

To have Business mindset we have to first understand what is business? If i Summarize business in one sentence then it is like

You offers value in exchange of money

I have Netflix, i watch movies, web series and pay around 350 rupee a month


if I took a look at the business of Netflix they offer value to me, entertainment,

I get excited to reduce tension, and in return, I am willing to pay 200 rupees per month.

Netflix has a business of 1.7 billion revenue in 2017.

and when I am watching a movie or something then I use to order pizza,

with extra cheese and I paid 200 rupees for it.

So, what Pizza vendor is doing they offer something tasteful for me and willing to exchange it for money.

Still, Pizza is worth 200 rupees for me,

Basically, pizza delivery guy makes money in exchange for there service and Taste.

Similarly, I have laptop, computer, WIFI connection I purchase them some around to create new business.

So, what I am telling is a business is an offering a value in exchange for some money.

To have a business mindset you have to think like this, have to observe businesses

and it can be anything like flowers, any food item, service anything in a unique way.

Now, the Next point is I am talk about is Your

2.Understand the Mindset first

business mindset

If I think about my own business, I am a blogger, digital marketer and soon planning to start a YouTube channel,

but at the beginning of my digital marketing career.

I think that there are already so many Digital marketers. I also have negativity thoughts but believe me our uniqueness differentiate us with others.


I know many people in the market are writing a similar blog post and sharing their valuable knowledge with you just like me,

But if you are reading my blog, there is some uniqueness in my blog this is how I do my business mindset, Right

That why,

I have huge no. of newsletter email subscription I just mailed and informed my readers if you want Blogs direct into your mailbox please hit subscribe my newsletter.

While when I started this all stuff, I have some negative thinking, what others think of me I don’t know this I don’t know that but believe me I have a business mindset of doing things learn them and apply.

and today I am here.

When I was in a group of friends, I always use to pay the bill, and when my friends please me, that gives me pleasure, and I develop my mindset of paying everywhere.

I am addicted to that feeling.

So, if I summaries about mindset if you get pleasure, happiness, or

whenever, you connect something with your personal satisfaction that makes your mindset as well as business mindset.

If we talk more deeply here I have a point on which I worked and achieve control on my mind set.

3.Believe in Yourself

mindset to believe in yourself

Believe in yourself is believe in what you are selling!

Believe me; there is a secret that people become Billionaire through mindset. You have to believe in yourself.

Let me tell you how,

So, as I told you I had developed the people-pleasing mindset when I please people, they like me, and I want to know when they like me, I have really great feeling.

and I become little bit addictive to that feeling. and then that hope helps me to become successful entrepreneur.


Because when I am setting in front of relative or any client to make website for him I wanted that person to like me.

So as I was thinking about 20,000 Rupee for a website, but he doesn’t like me he says the amount is too high I feel like no no he Is unlike me,

so I decrease my price if I told them ok I made website for 13,000, and they say wow great.

after finishing website from my end they like to say please add this and that and it was very time consuming thing.

I undervalued my service.

So What I DO ?

believe me here is a Mantra of Business

I develop the business mindset of avoiding be liked by people. because in business you have to charge for what value you are providing to the customers.

and now if someone as me for the website I clearly maintain my price according to the value I am providing them and if they say oh it’s too high I simply say you are free to so and find someone.

I Develop a Mindset to charge what ever value I am providing them. and due to this I am Succeed to charge according to the value I am providing.

trust me you have no idea what you are capable of until you try. So get up and set your mind.

always remember one thing if you have a different MINDSET you will have a different OUTCOME.


why believe in yourself imporatant for business mindset

SELF BELIEVING is really very important for becoming a better version of yourself. and trust me when you started believing in yourself you can do gain a lot of self-confidence.

I learned all these things when my business was struggling a lot.

I have cleared business mindset that what actually I wanted to achieve in the long run but you know the problems were I had self-doubt on my ability to make it happen.


I got into the habit of 21 day plans to bring myself closer to achieving something huge. Then I started visitation that I can do anything, nothing is impossible for me.

I learned one thing that no one can change you or your thoughts they can only be supportive but only you can change yourself.

if the goal seems too big for you do believe that you can do it.


Let’s Understand the Rule


5-5 rule in business mindset

NOW, to have a proper business mindset we have to first understand,

WHAT IS THIS 5-BY-5 rule?

whenever you are doing something ask yourself this question

Will this matter in five years?

if the answer is yes than keep going if no than stop doing it.

Suppose you are playing a video game, is that video game gonna matter in five years?

of course not then don’t spend more than five minutes on it. It is a great rule to live by.

whenever I suffer from any problem I pause and always ask to myself if what I am worried about will matter in five years

and if the answer is yes,

then I start thinking more about it and start doing work on it but if the answer is no than I give five minutes to myself for Fret, then I move on.


Now do some self brainwash


brains wash yourself for success

I want to tell this concept can change your life as it did main.

This is one of the valuable concepts that I personally learned,

To reach the level of success is self-confidence that you want.

You have to wash your brain yourself, to make up business mindset,

Yes brainwash yourself.

See eater way goes you going to be brainwashed,

but the question is whos doing the brainwashing?

Believe me or not, but the world where we are leaving is always trying to brainwash you.

The media want to brainwash you; certain religion wants to brainwash you, advertising companies want to brainwash you.

Reprogram your mind and brainwash yourself. there is nothing you cannot do with your knowledge.

if applied correctly, you can successfully create happiness, prosperity, self-confidence, success,

And much more it just needs 21 days to build a successful version of yourself. do brainwash yourself for success.

Make your brain greedy toward success ‘once you control your mind you can achieve anything in life.’

‘Misery can brainwash you into thinking negatively. instead, you must do the opposite and brainwash yourself with positivity.’


3 steps ahead thinking in business mindset

I always think three steps ahead, like a game of chess, so you don’t end up on the wrong side of checkmate! keep moving forward.

Now I gonna tell you that how I implement

This three-step ahead thinking rule.

Tell me one thing if you ever played the game chess?

You know it’s teaching you how the three-step ahead think because when you move on step one on checkmate, then all the crazy stuff happened.


Here what I have learned with every decision I made look with every change, every problem attached to the new problem.
Always think that,

  1. if I hire this employee then what’s gonna happened three steps out.

  2. What is the position when I hire this out rounder?

  3. What’s the position when I change the conversion.

  4. What’s the three-step out. when I buy this marketing what’s the three steps?

‘life is like a game of chess every decision you made has n impact on the rest of your game.’


Business mindset to do hard thing first

This is yet another fallacy out there.


If you save the hardest thing. or the most important thing or the biggest priority till the end that somehow it will be easier and still get done.

Not so,

I am challenging you to do the hardest or worst or most unpleasant thing first.

Get it out of the way…… then enjoy the other things to get done.

It is a simple technique,

But implementing the principle that you do the hardest thing on your to-do list first can have a transformation effect on your workday and productivity.

When we do the hard thing first then what happens?

Things become easier. and if we do the easy thing first then what happens?

Things become harder.



start a business from scratch

Let’s Recap Quickly,

If you want to be an entrepreneur,

It’s not a job; it’s a lifestyle.

It defines you. Forget about vacations, about going home at 6 pm, the last thing at night you will send emails, and you will wake up in the middle of the night.

But it is hugely rewarding as you are fulfilling something for yourself.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desires, and purpose, they help you realize your own and push you.

There are three things you must do in order to become wealthy.

  • You must have the right mindset.
  • Discover your purpose in life and
  • find a business that expresses that purpose.

If you want to start a business from scratch and don’t want to make any mistake then read this blog I assured you will get clarity in starting a business or startup. the blog is

How to start a business from scratch?


1. how to have a business mindset

You have to makeup, brainwash to develop business mindset in this blog I tell you 8 steps to achieve business mindset successfully.

2. Does Business Mindset is Compulsory do to business?

yes, Mindset is compulsory to perform any task successfully

3. What is Business mindset?

For doing a business converting your mind map towards business is business mindset.

4.Does any difference in business mindset vs employee mindset

Yes, of course, the person who is running an organization has a different level of mindset and the employee work in that organization have different mindset that’s why he is the owner of that organization and other is an employee.

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