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Branding is a Most important aspect for any business,

Did you know how?

Think about famous street food in your city.

yes, sure the image created in your mind is branding.

Let us understand in detail so today I am going to cover,

#1. What is branding?

Let me clearly tell you that, A brand is not a logo. I know that logo is very useful for our business but, it’s not a brand it’s a symbol for the brand.

Some people say that a brand is a product. no, A brand is not a product.

people says that the brand is the promise, that the company make to the customers. no, the brand is not that.

some people thinks like the sum of all the impressions it makes on an, it’s not a brand.

The branding is A result,it’s like a customers’s gut feeling about a product, service, or is an their heads and in their hearts. a brand is your reputation.

#2. How to build a brand from scratch?

How to build a brand from scratch

Here are my 6 steps towards building an amazing company brand and image that will stand the best of time.

Step 1. Decide who you are and what you stand for at the core your brand should be a reflection of you and your value. lie what are you known for?

Step 2.Research your audience, and your competition.

make sure you are reflecting your audiences tastes and goals.

Don’t be afraid to be different, but don’t be different just for the sake of it.

Step 3. Define your voice.

What is your message and how will you convey your message?

website, social media, press releases, ads, etc.

Step 4. Invest in your brand.

your logo, website,swag, employee training, etc should all reflect what your brand stands for.

Don’t cut corners here! consistency between the brand and the brand assets id key.

Step 5. Think big, act local.

Get involved in your local community!

support non-profits, go to festivals, drive in the parade, sponsor a team, etc

Step 6. be your brand.

Your message dosen’t stop with your website. you should be your brand’s biggest advocate.

your employees and your customers will look to you to lead the charge.

and now i will share one bonus tip!

remember the one thing ,Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

Actively listening to your customers, staff, and vendors is a fantastic way to understand how your brand is being interpreted, and the impact you are having in your community.

#3. Branding Basics

Branding basic

Tell me one thing, My business name is CO- tuners. so can you recognize our business just by our logo? no right,

okay Now, let’s skip Co-tuners. If you see a logo of Google, You can immediately recognize it right, that this is Facebook or Google.

So this is branding. Any logo or any name can be recognized by people. Not just name and logo, there is a positioning statement this is also a part of branding.

#4. The most important part of branding is your logo.

Logo for brand building

Your logo should be represent your brand image. and easily remembered.

And it is not very important that your brand name should be included in your logo.

For example Disney is clearly shown there full name in its logo.

You know Disney’s branding is too strong that their logo represents their name., like in McDonald have M, KFC have K.

But in apple they are not clearly showing the name apple, they just have a logo like a half-eaten apple.

So, I tried to explain to you like a logo can be an object or a text.but it should be unique not copied.

Now, let me tell you something. when you are making a logo. its color should be appealing like it’s according to your target audience.

Chose correct colors and your founts should be simple like easy to read.

Take a one or two colour and make a theme of your brand, according to that theme your stationary, your office, your logo everything should be according to the theme.

and one more important is our brand image should be real. like,

For example, I am doing branding of my digital marketing institute, I distribute all the pamphlets, and the look of the pamphlets was different.

Now, If the customer sees the same look in the office too then he will attract towards you.

But, If they are not connected, give wrong impression.

So, this is the biggest failure of the branding.

now, I will telling the secret of brand equity, brand positioning and its significance. how to make your brand viral?

#5. Five strategies of Brand Building

Five strategies of Brand Building

  1. Feeling V/S Information

  2. Socially Responsible Emotional Story

  3. Attention Seeking Potential

  4. Call for action with a beautiful jingle

  5. Exaggerate the insecurities and fear

#6. Feeling V/s information

Feeling V_s information

let me tell you the fact, people are not interested in who you are, they are interested in how you make them feel.

They don’t care how much you know, they know how much you care.

30% focus on information and 70% focus on emotion. while making advertisement.

always put some social-emotional stories in your advertisement. because it’s touched the customer’s heart and they make your advertisement viral.

I noticed that some ads which got famous contain some dowry contain, domestic violence, national respect. means they give some social message.

always remember extreme feeling is a seed giving father to the Recall Value.

As I told you that people are not interested in who you are, they are interested in how you make them feel,

You can make them feel happy through your Advertisement, Sales pitch, Promotional schemes, TV and print ads.

#7. Socially Responsible Emotional Story

Socially Responsible Emotional Story (1)

if your ads contain a socially responsible emotional story then it defiantly gonna viral.

And as a result, you don’t have to do extra expense because it’s not organic branding it’s a paid branding.

try to observing buying behavior remember influence always done by emotions not by logic.

#8. Attention Seeking Potential

Attention Seeking Potential

Your advertisement should have Attention seeking potential.

Means It has to be a very attractive, eye-catching, interesting, and good message giver.

You have to analyses and plan first, That by using which emotions you will grab your customer’s attention.

There are types of attention seeking potential like.

  • Testimonial route of social proof.
  • An unexpected extreme delightful surprise

#9. Call for action with a beautiful jingle

Call for action with a beautiful jingle

This is the most effective to promote your brand, You can make your advertisement which contain a beautiful jingle.

for EXAMPLE, “Pehle istemal kare fir vishwas kare ” another one is “vicks ki goli lo khich door karo” . this all jingles have an hidden command.

You now your subconscious mind capture jingles and music very easily.

So, use such type of jingles in your promotion and don’t forget to put an call for action, an instruction in it.

#10. Exaggerate the insecurities and fear

Exaggerate the insecurities and fear

These days, most of the brands explore your insecurities, they explore your fear and then engage you by generating a sense of compulsion and a sense of urgency to buy their products.

Now here is a Question for you !

Which point do you like most ? comment down below

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