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Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic opportunity for people looking to work from home.

and making money online trough passive income.

i strongly believe that Affiliate Marketing is the best online business to start for anyone.

Due to minimal to no investment and unlimited upside and earning potential.

In this blog i am going to explain that how you can earn more than 100$.

And a lots of information related Affiliate Marketing.

Basically we are covering 4 major point about Affiliate marketing and they are following-

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

You may see many times an advertisement on a website, actually its not an advertisement it is an link.

When someone clicks on that link that link leads to a product site and its a successful conversation.

Then you get some commission excellently like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal and all do.

Let me explain you with the example, suppose, i have my own nutrition brand okay?

Now, in order to sell the product, i will spend my money on marketing like google advertisement,

Social media or traditional marketing like hoardings, etc.

Now, let’s suppose, i sell my product at 500 which includes 100 rupees for all the marketing cost.

So why don’t give that 100 rupees to an affiliate partner, Now i don’t have to work on marketing and all,

Because the affiliate partner will do the things. i can even give him 80 rupees instead of 100

So, this is Affiliate Marketing. okay?

2. Why would any company give us money?

So, in affiliate programmer companies companies don’t spend on marketing

And that’s why they give money to the affiliate partners because they do the marketing part on behalf of them.

Now, try to understand how companies calculate commission part.

now,let’s suppose i will have to spend 100 rs on marketing to sell the product but an affiliate partner sold that product.

So, ideally we should give 100 rupees to him, but sometimes we become greedy after doing the overall calculations.

So we try to cut down his commission, so now i gave him 50 rupees.

Usually, we get lower than the marketing budget, see i am only giving an example of 50-100 rupees.

But normally you will get paid a god amount of money, now let’s talk about Amazon or Flipkart

Because it also runs their affiliate programmer.

If you search on google for “amazon or flipkart affiliate partner” , so you will get the link to join their affiliate program.

Now you can promote their products through your blogs or social media pages.

Now, here if amazon is receiving a 5% as a commission on the sale of product

So he will give you some share of that commission, Fipkart and other E-commerce also in the same way.

But the question is how we will make a big amount of money by working in this way?

3. How we will make a big amount of money?

what is Affiliate Marketing ? how can you earn from internet ?

Most of the people will tell you to join Amazon or Flipkart Affiliate program, But i will tell you a different thing.

I was telling those people who re writing on “lets blogging” to write on a particular niche

Or category then i will tell you about the way to earn.

But what is the way to earn money?

Lt’s supposed you have published some blogs and now you have gained some subscriber base.

Approx 600-700 people read your blog whenever you publish a new blog.

Now, you need to check from where this traffic is coming.

Let’s suppose you are getting traffic from the USA, right,

The content that we are publishing is attracting more visitors from USA.

Now there is a website which is called “click Bank”.

According to me, this is the best website for Affiliate Marketing.

Now, you go that website and you check out some products according to your niche

And category and you got now that you will get 25-50$ for each sale.

Let’s say you teach meditation so will get 30-50$ for each sale or each conversion.

See Amazon will give you 1% or hardly 2% because they have also some expenses which they need to cover.right?

But here ,Click bank decide itself what amount they will give.

Let’s suppose, i want to register my nutrition brand with click bank.

Now here, i will tell them my marketing cost is 100 rupees, i can pay 60 rupees to you.

Now here you will pay competitive price like they will tell you, that

other companies are giving us 80 or 90 so we can’t accept your product.

Now in order to register myself with them, i have to pay them a competitive price.

And just because of this on this site, you will always get a competitive pricing.

So, from now onward you need to decide on which niche you will write blogs

And you can also write blogs related to some specific areas ,

Foe example, i write for the Indian market so our audience is Indians, right?

So in future, i will sell products or affiliate products only for the Indian audience to increase the conversion rate.

4. Affiliate Marketing Scam in India.

Affiliate Marketing Scam in India

Now, i am going to tell you about a big affiliate marketing scam,

And now a days a lot of affiliate marketing people are going that,

So you already know about affiliate marketing, right?

Affiliate marketing is a really conman way of earning profit, which is totally legal.

But you know, some people are making a website okay?

then they approach them that they want to be their affiliate partner.

Means they told them that they have a website, and they will put their links and will promote them. okay

Here we are not talking about conversions,

See affiliate marketing is of two types one is CPC (Cost Per Click) base, means you get paid for every click.

Basically for the amount of traffic i will provide, i will get paid, okay?

And the another one is, CPA (cost per acquisition), means that you will get paid only after a successful convention.

Now, what some people do, they get connected with an affiliate ,

then they put their banner on their website.

Using bots, brings fake traffic to their websites.

And with around 10 member team and with the help of proxy which leads to change in their IP address.

They go through that advertisement then to the affiliate website

And go through their website for an instance and back off.

Then using proxy again with a new IP address they again go through their websites for the fake traffic

But real traffic in the eyes of affiliate marketers for an instance,

That advertisement leads to your website, now according to the company analytics

Traffic is real and authentic and company give the money for that fraud and this transaction goes on.

after some time they realises that its a fraud. that there is no convention just merely fake traffic.

And they accuses them there might be some error in their websites.

In their product, their product price is over the board their website is slow,

This problem and so on, that we can modify your company website this and that, Again fraud

Now they run company along with that fake traffic, now after 6-7 months they trap another one.

Now the question is, why company go for affiliate than google adwords?

Because on google adwords billing is costly.

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