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About Ankit Rathore



Ankit Rathore – My Story

I am passionate about new technologies, and interested in knowing Human psychologies as well as our own presence in this earth to live freely I always find ways to make money in smarter ways with my Knowledge and skill set.

I started my journey when I was 17 year old as a sales person in one of the newly open school. as that time I am new in business and sales I did not have any knowledge about business and marketing all the stuff.

I did not perform well in my first job then I start collecting knowledge about sales I came to know that sales is a Part of Marketing. I took courses and attend seminars of Marketing, then I Started Business in partnership that was acting school. and in the result I applied my marketing skills and in first month I did 17 admission with the help of my partner by some issues happened in our business and we have to shut down it. now the experience and knowledge due to which I approach students for admission is digital Marketing. then I start approaching clients of digital marketing, so approx. from 3+years I have been in providing value to my clients in digital marketing. I have started my E-commerce business Named as Cotuners.


“I helped business through SEO to turn it into a profitable company in less time!”

Work With Me?

I work with businesses to speed up there business process in digital Marketing. if you are a new startup or business our Digital marketing agency is definitely work for you.


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